Certificate Of Insurance Tracking


At Billy, we are committed to revolutionizing the construction industry through innovative technology and exceptional customer service. Our dedication to customer success team goes beyond the confines of our office walls. Recently, Brittany Page, our VP of Customer Success, visited one of our construction partners, White Construction, to explore how Billy streamlines compliance management for White Construction.

We encourage personal interaction with our employees through a company-sponsored initiative called “Lunch and Learn.” This allows our team to gain valuable insights, listen to our customer’s needs, and further enhance the software platform to address common challenges in COI tracking workflows.

In this blog post, we will share the highlights of Brittany’s visit, the feedback received from the White Construction team, and our commitment to delivering a superior COI tracking solution.

Certificate Of Insurance Tracking

Billy understands your business, not just the software business

Brittany spent quality time with the White Construction team, engaging with stakeholders such as Suzie, an end-user, two accounting and finance professionals responsible for payment compliance, Bill, their Chief Financial Officer, and Trey, their Chief Operating Officer.

By connecting with the people who rely on our software daily, we better understood their unique COI tracking requirements and challenges. This valuable insight enables us to build better software solutions tailored to the construction industry.

Building customer success to power certificate of insurance workflows

In addition to gathering product feedback, Brittany noted a few feature requests from the White Construction team. These suggestions were centered around making it easier for all parties involved on a project to collaborate easier.

After the visit, Brittany and Suzie will work closely with the engineering and product teams at Billy to implement these suggestions into the platform. This collaborative effort showcases our commitment to building strong partnerships with our customers and continuously improving our software to meet their evolving COI tracking needs.


The visit to White Construction exemplifies Billy’s unwavering dedication to customer success and the optimization of COI tracking processes. We gain unique insights and build lasting relationships by venturing outside our office and engaging directly with our customers. We value the feedback we received from the White Construction team and are already working on incorporating their suggestions into our software.

As we continue to empower construction professionals with advanced technology, we remain committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivering software solutions that drive efficiency, collaboration, and success in the industry.

Join us on this journey as we reshape the future of construction, one satisfied customer at a time.

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