Billy is Builders

Our team has been building and creating either in construction, insurance, or technology for years. It only makes sense that we all come together for Billy.

When we say we’ve been building for years, these are just a few examples from our team.

30 Years working for some of the largest construction companies in the US + owning his own company for a decade.

Started in a plan room, moved to construction accounting, then Sr. Product Manager at Procore.

Built his first app in Jr. HS for a machine shop then created the groundbreaking software to solve the lien waiver pains for construction.

Billy team, NYC office Construction Insurance Sales

We strive to make it better.

We are a team of dedicated individuals who have spent their careers impacting the construction industry in many different ways. 

After talking to over 2,000 companies we realized that an opportunity existed to improve the way these (and all other companies!) track risk management. Companies ranging in size from $1M to $1B were using conditionally formatted spreadsheets, certificates stored in cloud drives, and even more unbelievably – in actual file cabinets.

Come with us to see how Billy is making construction insurance simpler.

Making insurance easy for you is our goal

Running a small business is time consuming enough, finding the right insurance shouldn’t be the same. With over 20 years of insurance industry experience, Billy can simplify this process but going to the top carrier in the nation to find the best insurance for your business at the best price.

Partner with Billy?

Streamline certificates of insurance requests and renewals. Increase client loyalty.

Already Have Insurance?

That’s great! Let’s get your insurance into Billy’s management platform for one less headache.