Technology Integration

Billy is the all in one construction insurance platform that lets you streamline
the collection of certificates of insurance. Integrate Billy with Procore in
minutes to get started.

Customer Testimonials

Our Customers are the key to our improvement.

We have become much more productive on the administrative front now that all the follow up calls and emails have been virtually eliminated. Billy’s program allows us to streamline our Read more process by entering the insurance requirements for our projects one time and pushing the information to all Subcontractors across our Projects. Their program scans each insurance certificate not only for limitations but for additional insureds as well. Billy has saved us many hours of physically reviewing several hundred insurance certificates and having to follow up with each company individually if there were non-compliant items. Their program also allows our Subcontractors to purchase additional insurance if they do not carry enough or if they do not carry that policy at all for specific projects. Managing insurance compliance is such a hugely underestimated workload and Billy has made the whole process manageable and user friendly.

Jessica Bruno
Contracts Manager & Compliance

Risk is a huge component of the construction industry and insurance is a critical tool in mitigating that risk. The billy platform has made the tedious and often error-prone process Read more of collecting and tracking subcontractor insurance much more manageable. As we continue to onboard more of our projects and subcontractors, it becomes more self-evident how inefficient our previous processes were and how elegantly billy resolves our issues. The billy team, led by co-founder Nyasha, personally spent several days assisting us in onboarding several key projects. This was well beyond any “onboarding” or “implementation” effort we would ever expect from a software team. They saw our need and rolled up their sleeves to get this amazing platform operational for us. We look forward to our continued partnership with billy and the upcoming improvements and integrations they have planned.

David Rivera
Director of Operations

How does the integration work

Billy’s integration with Procore allows you to request, verify and track
certificates of insurance. With this integration, your project teams can
streamline the compliance workflow by automating follow-ups for missing
certificates and expiring coverages from vendors on your projects.

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Streamline your compliance
process on one platform

Streamline Compliance Workflows

Streamline the collection and review of Certificates of Insurance (COIs) from your vendors with easy-to-use software that automates reminders and expiration alerts to your vendors.

Integrate with Procore in minutes

Billy extracts key information from COIs with side by side comparisons of your insurance requirements. Integration automatically keeps Procore and Billy data in sync removing double entry and automating compliance reporting.

Reporting & Analytics

Keep track of vendor compliance across all projects in one place. Gain a birds eye view of which vendors are working on your projects and their coverage status through reporting and analytics tools.