At Billy, we believe every construction project should be built on trust, confidence, and strong partnerships. We encourage our employees to spend time with our partners through a company-sponsored program. 

Our VP of Insurance, Amit Kalra, recently visited Bittenbender Construction, a women-owned commercial general contractor specializing in cultural, academic, healthcare, corporate, and retail projects. This visit allowed the Billy team to listen to their needs, gather valuable feedback, and further enhance our software to revolutionize certificates of insurance tracking. In this blog post, we will share the highlights of Amit’s visit, the feedback from the passionate Bittenbender Construction team, and our unwavering commitment to empowering their construction journey.

Unleashing the Power of Feedback:

Amit had the privilege of meeting with Jessica and Indira at the Bittenbender Construction office, where their shared enthusiasm for Billy became evident. They conveyed how Billy has become entrenched in their compliance workflows, significantly saving them time and effort in managing certificates of insurance. 

Fueling Inspiration through Feedback:

During their meeting, Amit eagerly collected valuable feedback from Jessica and Indira, igniting a flame of inspiration within our team. Their suggestions were not just improvements but catalysts for empowering Bittenbender Construction’s journey. 

Let’s explore the transformative insights they shared:

1. Search and Sort by Project Number: With many projects under their wing, Bittenbender Construction sought a streamlined approach to locating specific projects effortlessly. Their desire to search and sort features by project number inspired us to develop a solution that empowers them to quickly access project details and subcontractor information, fostering efficiency and productivity.

2. Renaming Files and Removing Reviewed Documents: Bittenbender Construction envisioned a cleaner and more organized document management system. Their aspiration to rename files and remove reviewed certificates motivates us to create a seamless process that eliminates redundant documentation, enabling them to focus on what truly matters—their projects.

3. Vendor Removal: The team’s determination to maintain accurate vendor information prompted a valuable request. Bittenbender Construction aims to remove duplicate vendors, creating a cohesive database that reflects their evolving partnerships. This inspiring suggestion will fuel our efforts to empower them with complete control over their vendor ecosystem.

Unleashing the Power of Collaboration:

Amit and the Bittenbender Construction team have set their sights on an inspiring collaborative journey. They explored the additional benefits of integrating Billy with Procore. By leveraging this integration, Bittenbender aims to enhance team collaboration, streamline compliance processes, and take their construction management prowess to new heights. 

Embracing Confidence, Inspiring Pride:

Bittenbender Construction’s dedication to quality craftsmanship, cultural sensitivity, and client satisfaction is truly inspiring. Billy is honored to play a part in their journey, supporting them in building strong relationships and fostering unwavering confidence within their construction team. Our software empowers them to streamline certificates of insurance tracking, manage compliance documents effortlessly, and nurture partnerships that transcend project boundaries.


Bittenbender Construction’s unwavering commitment to excellence fuels our inspiration at Billy. As we continue to enhance our software based on their invaluable feedback, we are driven by a shared vision of building a construction industry that thrives on trust, collaboration, and confidence. Together, we will empower construction professionals to transform their projects, foster strong partnerships, and share an enduring sense of pride in every remarkable structure they build. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and reshape the future of construction, one inspiring partnership at a time.

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