Billy’s open Application Programming Interface (API) provides the underlying framework for developing applications and custom integrations between Billy and other software technologies. You can expand the functionality of your Billy account by leveraging existing integrations available in your Billy subscription or by developing new applications and customized connections using the Billy API.

Introducing the Billy API

If you intend to build custom applications (or hire someone to build them for you), the Billy API allows you to leverage Billy in a simple, programmatic way using conventional HTTP requests in a RESTful architecture. The Billy endpoints are intuitive and powerful, enabling you to easily make calls to retrieve information or execute actions on the various resources in Billy.

Why Billy API? 

Traditionally, managing compliance documents is a manual, time-consuming process fraught with potential errors and omissions that lead to risk transfer. The Billy API transforms this process by automating the collection, processing, and tracking of all necessary compliance documents between multiple systems.

Example use-case: Connect Billy to your accounting system using the API to automate payment compliance so that your accounting/finance team does not have to leave the ERP to check for compliance in Billy. 

With Billy, general contractors can focus more on the job at hand and less on the paperwork, ensuring that every subcontractor and vendor easily meets the required standards.

Developer Personas

The two primary developer personas interacting with the Billy API are Billy Partners and Technology Partners. You likely fall into one of these categories, and your specific integration goals and requirements can be characterized by one of these two developer personas.

Billy Partners

Billy Clients are individuals and organizations that have one or more Billy accounts and utilize Billy for their construction operations. It is not uncommon for clients to rely on several other software tools and processes in addition to Billy to manage their projects. For example, a large general contracting firm may use Sage 300 ERP/Viewpoint Vista while using Billy to manage payment compliance. 

In this scenario, the GC could hire a development team to build a custom Integration between their ERP systems and Billy using this Billy API, thereby improving efficiency and upgrading the user experience for their employees and vendors. 

Applications and integrations produced by Billy clients are intended for their internal use and are not normally published to other Billy Partners. 

Technology Partners

Billy Technology Partners leverage the Billy API to provide Billy users with a best-in-class experience, irrespective of what problem they are seeking to solve. Technology Partners benefit from exclusive access to the following resources:

  • Developer training and support
  • Dedicated Slack Channel 
  • Development Sandbox
  • Co-branding and marketing of your integration with Billy Partners. 

Paths to Success

Billy partners manage their integration development milestones and releases. Since their custom integrations are only used internally, they have complete control over quality, performance, and reliability requirements. Billy partners also manage the internal training needs for their users.

Start Building 

The Billy API has already begun transforming the compliance process for general contractors across the industry. By replacing complex processes with Billy’s simplified solution, managing construction insurance and compliance becomes faster, easier, and more efficient.

Embrace the change with Billy API and focus on delivering successful projects without the headache of compliance.

Let’s build together.

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