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Whether you’re a general contractor or a home builder, you have to deal with certificates of insurance (known as COIs). Yet, the document management and tracking process to keep all those COIs correct and up to date can be arduous at best. Typically, the workflow involves a lot of emails, phone calls, data entry, and manual reviews. And that means tons of room for human error.

This isn’t to say that your team isn’t doing its best. No one likes making mistakes. However, research shows that the average person makes about 118 missteps on the job each year. That might not sound like a lot. But even a tiny error can lead to a lapse in critical insurance coverage, worker dissatisfaction, efficiency problems, underinsured or uninsured subcontractors, and compliance nightmares.

At Billy, we’re well aware of how complicated the typical process for moving a COI through the system can be. You have to request insurance, follow up with each of your subcontractors, verify that the information meets project requirements, make any revisions or edits, and then get everything approved. The process doesn’t end there, though.

At that point, you need to keep an eye on all those COIs and their many expiration dates. If you’re very busy, you might have hundreds of COIs and their corresponding expiration dates to monitor. That’s a lot of work — and a lot of opportunity for mistakes.

The good news is that Billy is the construction COI software solution that can solve your digital tracking and digital file storage needs. Billy is designed to automate the handling of your COIs and related materials. Here are just a few ways Billy takes the headaches out of one of your employees’ most laborious workflows:

  1. Billy creates and manages automated emails.
    Keeping up with the back-and-forth of hundreds of emails can be mind-boggling, frustrating, and daunting. Billy is set up to create automated emails requesting insurance, including all those nagging reminder emails.

    Additionally, Billy provides a simplified certificate upload portal via email. Subcontractors and their brokers can just “drag and drop” certificates into the email. They don’t need logins or software subscriptions. Everything’s neat, clean, and easy.
  1. Billy’s paperless workflow process digitally reviews COIs.
    Are your team members tired of scouring COIs by hand? Put Billy to work. Billy scans COIs against requirements for mandatory data and follows up with designated individuals if anything’s missing. All users have to do after the internal auditing is complete is click the “approve” button. If users spot an issue, they can add notes. Billy “reads” the notes and then works on getting everything corrected.

    Being able to have COIs scanned by one of the most high-powered, industry-specific digital software solutions saves countless hours. Your employees still get the chance to give their final input, of course. They just don’t have to take time away from other activities to peruse the documents initially.
  1. Billy tracks all COI expiration dates.
    Forget about manual data entry of your COI expiration dates. Billy monitors them all and automatically sends renewal request emails 30 days prior to each COI’s expiration. You can relax and know that you won’t miss an important deadline again.

    It’s worth noting that having all the COI expiration dates and other information in one place greatly improves visibility into risk compliance issues, too. You can run reports whenever you like to see that you and all your subcontractors and vendors are in good standing.

    No more tedious email correspondence. No more error-prone data entry tasks. No more missed expiration dates. Billy makes the most challenging insurance management aspects of your business operations disappear.

To find out how Billy can streamline your processes and allow you to enjoy the benefits of being a pioneer of technology adoption in the construction industry, schedule a demo right away.

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