How to meet M/WBE Regulations (and save hours finding diverse firms)

February 8th, 2023
12 pm EST | 9 am PST

In certain cities, construction firms are now required to meet M/WBE participation goals.

Not complying with these regulations can result in losing out on bids and potential fines.

On top of that, finding vetted firms that are city-certified woman- or minority-owned businesses can be a time-consuming process.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we’ll share how you can save hours searching through databases in order to meet M/WBE regulations on your next project.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Why finding MBEs is so difficult and the consequences of not meeting participation goals.
  • How to ensure you meet your city’s participation goals and solutions to centralizing your data tracking
  • Strategies to save you time finding the vetted diverse firms

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Amir Zahlan
Co-Founder & CEO
Tough Leaf

Wissam Akra
Tough Leaf

Grant Robbins

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