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Billy’s certificate of insurance tracking software manages all COIs, across all your projects, at once. With Billy, you can simplify your vendor compliance process, save time and money, and protect your business.

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ENR’s top 20 General Contractors, Home Builders, and Owners trust Billy to monitor and manage insurance and compliance in real time.

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Stop Managing Risk in Excel

billy is the time-saving tool that helps you verify all your subcontractors have the right insurance coverage for the project every time. Request, verify, track, and renew insurance certificates.

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Billy is designed to be an easy-to-use platform with a straightforward and intuitive interface that makes it accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise.

Dive into some our some features:

  • Track Certificates Of Insurance
  • Track Vendor Business Licenses
  • Master Service Agreements
  • W9 Tax Forms
  • Other Compliance Documents


Unlike many other compliance management tools, Billy is customizable and built for construction-specific workflows. Our platform allows users to create personalized workflows and processes that align with their unique business needs. This means that no matter what industry you’re in or what kind of projects you’re managing, Billy can be tailored to fit your specific requirements


Collaboration is key in any compliance management tool, and Billy has been designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between all stakeholders on a project. With features like real-time chat, document sharing, and task delegation, Billy ensures everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.


Billy is the most comprehensive compliance software for the construction industry. Our platform allows users to track, respond, and document all phases of your contract compliance procedure.

  • COI Tracking means no more Excel sheets and ring binders.
  • Never guess the status of your contractor business licenses.
  • Integrates with Procore and eliminates the need for duplicate entry work.


Billy integrates with other tools and platforms such as Procore. Your project teams can streamline the compliance workflow by automating follow-ups for missing certificates of insurance, business licenses, W9s, master service agreements and certified payroll from vendors on your projects.

Billy is the all in one construction insurance platform that lets you streamline the collection of certificates of insurance. Integrate Billy with Procore in minutes to get started.

The modern way to manage construction risk
with more compliance and less complaints.

Request Certificates Of Insurance

Request, verify and track certificates of insurance across all your projects in one place. Billy automatically reads the COI to eliminate data entry for policy numbers and expiration dates

Endorsements & Waivers Of Subrogration

Easily customize and request common endorsements for each project to collect waivers of subrogation, additional insureds to protect your company and customers from insurance risk.

Automated Email Alerts & Reminders

Send subcontractors and their insurance agents automated requests for missing certificates and upcoming renewal expirations, eliminating the need for you to manually monitor compliance.

Frictionless Subcontractor Experience

Reduce friction with no logins required for your and their brokers. Anyone can easily upload a certificate to your secure custom branded link.

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Each Account Is Assigned A Customer Success Manager

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At Billy, our top priority is ensuring our customers’ success.

We’re proud to partner with contractors like you to streamline compliance workflows, and we’re committed to providing personalized support and exceptional service every step of the way.

Billy + Gardner Builders

Customer Story

They thought they were managing all their certificates with cloud file storage. When the company dove into the details, they discovered their properties were not protected at all. One mistake by a landscaper could have cost them millions.

Billy + Wharton Smith

Customer Story

They thought they were managing all their certificates with cloud file storage. When the company dove into the details, they discovered their properties were not protected at all. One mistake by a landscaper could have cost them millions.

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How to find the best certificate of insurance solution

Service Options

Software Only

For construction companies in search of a seamless and cost-effective solution to streamline their certificate of insurance management process, our integrated system not only offers automated renewal requests and compliance verification but also integrates seamlessly with Procore. This construction-focused integration enhances your workflow, allowing you to efficiently collect certificates, ensure compliance, and maintain control over the entire process.

Managed Services

Maximize the benefits of Billy’s Certificate Management Team, a dedicated group of qualified insurance professionals, by engaging with our customer success team. Rely on their expertise to handle your COI processing, ensuring comprehensive compliance tracking. By entrusting your COI processing to our experienced insurance industry professionals, you can rest assured that all COI requirements will be thoroughly verified. Our Certificate Management Team acts as an extended compliance team, ensuring your protection remains intact.

With our vigilant insurance professionals carefully reviewing certificates and endorsements, no compliance issues will slip through the cracks. They diligently confirm adherence to critical requirements such as primary and non-contributory, waiver of subrogation, and additional insured on completed operations, among others.