Our goal is to make compliance management easier, faster and more accurate for the construction industry and their partners. These are the parameters by which our platform will accomplish that goal.  

What We Are

BuildAP, Inc dba Billy (“we,” “Billy,” or “Company”) is software through which customers (“you,” or “Customer”) and their vendors, subcontractors, and other third parties can exchange, track, and manage documents and information related to compliance status of construction projects and otherwise;

As used in these Terms of Use (“Terms”) Billy, we, or Company includes its directors, its shareholders, its employees, its officers, and any other agents or contractors.

What We Aren’t

While we may at times hold insurance licensing in various states, we do not guarantee we are a licensed brokerage or agency.  Our employees are not required to be licensed agents.

  • An OCIP, CCIP, or Wrap Insurance Program administrator.
  • A compliance auditor. We do not guarantee the accuracy of documents exchanged on our platform.
  • A law firm or attorneys providing legal advice. Our software and services are different than those that can be provided by an attorney, and we do not, and are specifically not allowed to, engage in the practice of law.
  • A software platform that can operate effectively for you without your engagement. While our software is powerful, and we provide informational resources and ways for you to get help, your involvement is necessary for the software to function at its full potential.

How To Contact Us

Our mailing address: 539 ATLANTIC AVE, PO BOX 170329, BROOKLYN, NY, 11217

Our phone number: 332-245-0035

Our email address: hello@billyforinsurance.com