Grycon + Billy Improves Insurance & Compliance Management

Grycon, a leading commercial construction firm, has been instrumental in shaping Miami’s skyline by constructing some of its first high-rise developments, catalyzing significant developmental growth throughout South Florida. What began over half a century ago as a modest general contracting venture has burgeoned into a renowned name in the industry, standing as one of the principal forces behind landmarks like the Brickell Key Centre.

As one of Grycon’s leading operation managers, Amanda Fuller, serves as Contract Administrator and oversees comprehensive risk management and regulatory compliance across the firm’s expansive portfolio of construction projects. Her responsibilities include meticulous oversight of certificates of insurance (COIs), endorsements, waivers of subrogation, and insurance audits, ensuring satisfaction for all compliance protocols.

Managing compliance across 150+ vendors generates over 900 certificates of insurance each year, requiring hundreds of hours of work.

On a day-to-day basis, this includes requesting COIs and reviewing policy dates and coverages, all while chasing down missing documents to ensure proper compliance.

Navigating Challenges

In the construction field, mitigating risks associated with contractual liabilities and regulatory compliance is essential. For Grycon, safeguarding against these risks is not just a matter of protocol—it’s integral to sustaining operational integrity and fostering strong partnerships with subcontractors. The right insurance and compliance measures help protect Grycon and its partners from risk.

To operate more efficiently, Grycon recognized the need to enhance subcontractor relationships by simplifying the often complex landscape of compliance management. Streamlining this process not only reduces friction, but also accelerates payment cycles and facilitates timely project completions, ultimately enhancing overall project outcomes.

Grycon found that their previous certificate of insurance tracking software was still a tedious, manual, and error-prone process that often took the project team many hours to complete.

Yet, it still fell short of achieving full compliance across all projects.

Enter Billy: The compliance management solution, built for construction.  

Billy revolutionizes how General Contractors manage their compliance operations.

By integrating with Procore and Autodesk, Billy enables companies such as Grycon to execute projects more efficiently, while ensuring compliance gaps are covered, all while minimizing operational risks. With Billy in place, Grycon is equipped to navigate regulatory complexities with confidence, empowering the team to focus on what they do best—building the future of South Florida’s skyline, one landmark at a time.

Simple Billy Dashboard

The Results

 In partnership with Billy, the Grycon team was able to achieve desirable outcomes, including:

  1. Saved time through operational efficiency
  2. Streamlined compliance operations
  3. Secured comprehensive coverage from subcontractors

Time Savings with Billy

Grycon recently streamlined its construction insurance processes using Billy, turning what was once a multistep ordeal with a competitor into a seamless one-stop-shop experience via the 2-way integration with Procore

Billy automates collecting and verifying COIs, endorsements, and other policy documents based on contracts issued in Procore. This transformation has led to quicker compliance reviews by making insurance processes straightforward for vendors and brokers, thus avoiding potential delays. 

Grycon achieves time efficiency through Billy’s intuitive platform, which allows Amanda and the team to request certificates of insurance details from subcontractors with ease and suggest contract-specific language and requirements efficiently in one place without compromising on coverage. Approved coverages are automatically synced in real-time with Procore, eliminating double entry. Billy’s easy-to-use dashboard allows managers to easily identify compliance status via color-coding and compliance progress bars. 

With Billy’s comprehensive vendor directory, tracking compliance becomes less of a chore. Grycon can manage vendor-level documents such as W9s, business licenses, and contractor licenses in one easy place. Billy tracks and automates missing or expired documents in a simple and intuitive way that does not require subcontractors to sign up for Billy.

Securing Comprehensive Coverage From Subcontractors

Grycon has fortified its risk management approach by leveraging Billy’s platform to secure comprehensive coverage from its subcontractors, effectively minimizing exposure to risk transfer by embracing Billy, a scalable workflow solution. 

The impact of this strategic move has been profound. By utilizing Billy’s streamlined interface, Grycon can now track compliance, monitor expiration dates, and clarify coverage needs with unprecedented ease. With Billy, insurance details are merely a click away, compliance tracking is effortless, and every line item on COIs is readily accessible through detailed coverage reports. This ease of access and clarity simplifies the transfer of liability, significantly reducing the risk of costly errors and contributing to the project’s overall success.

Streamlining Compliance Operations with Billy

Grycon has transformed its compliance operations by integrating Billy’s innovative solution. This strategic shift has led to a scalable, error-minimizing workflow that saves time and reduces the hassle of internal insurance and compliance management for construction. 

Billy utilizes an AI-powered document scanner to transition to a digital, error-free process, thus simplifying the workflow and eliminating manual errors. With time-saving automation, Grycon can now import data effortlessly, manage requests via email, and maintain a streamlined vendor directory, allowing the focus to remain on the construction projects themselves. Embracing this hassle-free, scalable, and efficient insurance management system, Grycon is positioned to ensure the success of its projects without the burdens of traditional insurance management practices.

In addition to the time-saving and efficiency benefits of Billy Insurance, Grycon was impressed by the level of personal support and assistance they received from the Billy Partner team, including Brittany, Kelsey and Layna, during the onboarding process. “They saw our need and rolled up their sleeves to get this amazing platform operational for us,” Fuller adds.

“Grycon is excited about the continued partnership with Billy such that we have recommended the solution to other contractors prior to even onboarding with Billy. We look forward to our continued partnership with Billy Insurance and the upcoming features and integrations they have planned,” said Fuller.

Billy has been an invaluable asset for Grycon, helping the company digitize their risk and compliance management workflow.

Start exploring the best software options for your construction firm today with Billy’s managed plan service. Schedule a demo today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is construction compliance tracking software?

Construction compliance tracking software is a tool designed to help construction firms monitor and manage regulatory requirements, industry standards, insurance compliance, internal policies, and contractual obligations. It helps to systematically track and document various compliance-related activities across all active projects at the firm.

How do you automate compliance processes in construction?

Automating compliance processes in construction involves leveraging tracking software such as Billy to streamline the management of regulatory requirements, and documentation. This technology allows companies to digitize their risk and enhance their compliance management workflow.

How to manage documents in a construction project?

Managing documents in a construction project is crucial for maintaining organization, ensuring compliance, and facilitating effective communication among project stakeholders. Leveraging an automated tracking software system allows companies to track project progress and stay on top of all regulatory compliance. By implementing an integrated tracking tool like Billy, construction project teams can streamline document management processes, enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, and mitigate risks associated with document errors or loss.

Grycon is a leading builder at the forefront of Miami’s growth. They started more than 50 years ago as a small general contracting company and are now one of the region’s most recognized construction names behind the Brickell Key Centre.

One hub for your insurance and compliance needs

A one-stop shop for all your construction compliance needs, including automated collection and verification of certificates of insurance, W9s, business licenses, etc. With Billy, you can simplify your vendor compliance process, save time and money, and protect your business. Try us out today and see how we can help you succeed.